Exciting few weeks!

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Exciting few weeks!

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The past few weeks, with the RC then Release of both NAS & Router, has been 'exciting'
Kudos to the Synology code writers to do as many security updates as they did! And the Tester's here that I watched like a hawk for posts before jumping in myself!!!
With the issues I encountered with 215J workload decreasing in V6 DSM in past couple years, as updates occurred, I was not as happy with Code in general for a couple years. Covid issues may have been part of this as well. I eventually determined that 215J hardware and ram limitations pre-cluded any V7 consideration, while still on V6... and the 215J would not be my test NAS for V7 as I had originally planned for.. I gave it, and drives to son-in-law, and it still runs V6.
I, therefore stayed away from Beta & Early 7 DSM, until I got a second 720+ to experiment with..
Same with 1.3 SRM on my only 2600, Delayed testing as the only other routers I had was Linksys E2000 or RVS4000.... And RVS had been circumvented in the past, and why I bought the 2600 in the first place! I really didn't have a fall back router...
Waiting for .1 with updates on both V7 and V1.3 worked here.... and I'm happy with my decision to do so...
Also.... Thanks for the offline assistance with VLAN... (Which at this point I'm not using)...

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