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I'm looking for a Windows 10 EXIF editor to edit some photos in PhotoStation. Some items I need to update are missing "Date taken & Time" and Location of photo. Would prefer a free or opensource app.
True, not everything, but it does allow date, camera manufacturer and camera model which I use.
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ExifTool by PH is a swiss knife for all possible batch tasks. Really recommend.
There are plenty features and scripting is famous.

I like also export to CSV for an advanced data analysis 🧐 from the exif metadata
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Use exiftool command line version on my w10 pc so thought I would give this a try (no probs about using command line but if there's a GUI version available to make life easier😉). Unfortunately seems to have intermittent problems extracting/refreshing tag values in the tag tree view. Doesn't seem to have been updated for a long time so had to revert back to command line version. Will probably give exit pilot (mentioned further down this thread) a try since it appears to be a live project
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When you will transfer (backup) photos from your smartphone, you will get files with "Modification date" of day of the backup.
Then you can change this date back to Creation Date easy by the ExifTool:

exiftool -CreateDate>FileModifyDate 'SourcePath'
e.g.: exiftool -CreateDate>FileModifyDate '/volume1/photos/...'

When you are not familiar with the JPEG extension and you need clean data structure, you can use:
exiftool -if '$filetype eq JPEG' -filename=%f.jpg --ext jpg  'SourcePath'
JPEG: current format (case sensitive) filter

When you like really clean data structure, you can rename the files by:
exiftool -fileOrder CreateDate -ignoreMinorErrors -recurse -extension jpg -d '%Y %m %d-iPhone%%-04.c.%%e' -filename<CreateDate 'SourcePath'
- file order: based on Creation EXIF Date from each file
- ignoreMinorErrors: an Error ignore for simple errors e.g. when the file doesn't contain the Creation date. Useful, your process will continue.
- recurse: recursively process subdirectories
- extension: filter just for the "jpg" file type
- d: a n option to change filename by defined structure '%Y %m %d-iPhone%%-04.c.%%e' ... you will get "2020 07 21-iPhone-0054.jpg" file name
- filename<CreateDate: flename structure in the "-d" option is sourced from CreateDate EXIF record
- Source path as usual

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OFC you need to clean/dedupe the files first, to save the NAS effort and disk space, especially when you will try to backup all photo files from the "Camera roll" & "Social media", don't mention video files.
Duplicate File Detective; it's worth the cost:
- SHA512 bits checksum
- byte for byte content match
- defined marking of the evaluated files (less effort for the deletion
- backup before delete
- and many others.

- useful for deep music files dedupe
- for every kind of NAS content.
And the algorithm is really like a SkyRocket.


From the producers of the best storage space management (local or NAS) FolderSizes:
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