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This looked promising:

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But alas no go for my DS918+
I bit the bullet and bought the extended warranty for a DS920+, not something I usually do (buying warranties or product insurance) but here we are...
@leriak I reckon it would be cheaper for you than for my DS1520+, but even mine was cheaper than a ... I was going to say Raspberry Pi 4 kit but I just looked and they are going for silly money on Amazon and UK distributors they say the lead time is > 1 year.

I agree on not usually buying extended warranties, and my other Synology NAS are still problem free... but they were cheaper to start with.
@fredbert It was 72.59€ (59.99€ + vat)... it seems to be in the same ballpark as your 1520+.

I got the nas from an official distributor which covered themselves directly the (legally required) 2 years warranty, usually retailers cover only the 1st year themselves. With proof of purchase, the extended warrany covers an additional 3 years from synology.

As with all warranties/insurance it's a good deal if you end up having problems, but I have to say that kudos to synology for at least allowing customers to have 5 years warranty on something that in the end is a consumer product, this is not common and needs to be commended.

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