External Access/Router Configuration - Ubiquiti capable?

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External Access/Router Configuration - Ubiquiti capable?

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I would like to make use of the Control Panel/External Access/Router Configuration but the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X is not listed in the Manual Config section as a choice.

Is there any easy way to allow the configuration of this router for ease of getting my Port Forwarding accomplished as I add and delete services on my NAS?


1811+, 3x 1813+, 718+, 214play ... multisite Ubiquiti Unifi networks (USG-Pro,PoE,NanoHD)
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Linux, Windows
Mobile operating system
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Edge router is UPnP (v1 & v2) capable device, but God bless gents from Ubiquiti, that this feature isn’t enabled in default and you need to switch on by CLI only. UPnP is really insecure feature.
Take it as strong recommendation - don’t be lazy and use your own manual entry for such (I hope) few ports (1) opened for the NAS. Otherwise you can send invitations to anyone directly.
Pls. read carefully this article in our Resource library it can save your troubles to future.

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