External Seagate BackupPlus hub noise

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External Seagate BackupPlus hub noise

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I've got an attached external USB-drive (Seagate Backup plus 12TB) to my DS923+ for backup purposes. The problem is, when I log into my NAS, when the USB is in sleepmode, the drive wakes up on login (that's fine), but drive starts a periodic noise, a few seconds apart. It annoys the hell out of me. Anyone knows what it might be doing and how to make it stop? Listen here
The noise seems to go on until the drives enters hibernation again..
Are you thinking there some software change or setting that can make this stop? This most certainly sounds like a physical cause of moving parts.

How old is this external?
That's funny, I think it stopped now. Wonder if there's some stuff going on in DSM... I recently did a pretty large backup, if something is going on after that in the background...

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