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Hello to everyone,

I am very new to NAS System, and I have DS218+, running on Win10/IOS and with iPhone as mobile device.

I saw a lots of videos how to create "new groups/profiles" and how to set the apps and functions permissions, but I don't find nay video and any comment about the possible ways the NAS guest users can access to my NAS.

What are the possible ways the NAS guests can access to my NAS by mobile devices?...DS FILE? DS VIDEO?

If yes, how?...their ID and Passwords, I set do not seem to work by accessing my NAS by webbrowser (by their mobile phones)...why?

Thank you veyr much for helping.

A guest account is a singular account. For multiple "guests" requiring segregated file storage, you must create individual user accounts.

Remote access is by your QuickConnect account, DDNS, or registered domain. For the latter 2, you must forward your NAS' HTTPS port number.
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The subject of the thread says a family shared folder and that can be different to guest access to the NAS.

Guest access would imply unauthenticated access to NAS contents via whichever service that is providing the guest access. Whereas a family shared folder would more likely be where each family member has their own NAS user account and they are grouped such that they all have access to the same content.

Enabling guest access to services which provide authorised connections can include a level of elevated access that would expose the NAS to more risk [than I would be happy to accept]: e.g. If anyone can access File Station to a set of folders then the web mechanisms employed could assume some level of trust of users (who would normally be authenticated). If you look at a lot of the security vulnerabilities that occur there are a high number that are only exposed to authorised users ... so why open this to any guest access?

That leaves family shared folder access: create unique user accounts for each user. For File Station, SMB, etc then if you create a new Group for the family and then add all their user accounts now you can add this family group to a shared folder and permit read-only or read-write access.

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