DS cam Feature request DS CAM OR SS? or work around for both?

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DS cam Feature request DS CAM OR SS? or work around for both?

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Presently I've 3x NAS's, each set up with SS with 3x cameras each: (2 included and one extra license). works fine for years... Have more than 9 cameras active.... But only 9 cameras connect via SS and DS CAM. (I use SS to control Motion Detect, Not Camera Motion Detect... Camera's also ftp'ing pics to a single NAS, using camera motion detect, why more cameras than SS License's)

What I'd like to do: Recently I have needed to create a SS Login that DS CAM could access.. Except.... I need a login that DS CAM could access with: one camera Presently on One NAS's SS, and a second camera, presently connected via SS Login to a Different NAS's SS... Without removing either camera from either of the 2 other Logins. (everything on one subnet)

This might be a nice feature...... Though I bet complicated to implement... but I might have a $$ work around to accomplish this as software exists now.... in the meantime....

Though I have done this for a very short time, as I moved camera's around from one NAS's SS's Login to another, and left both active while settings & proper operation were verified:
Briefly having same camera connected to 2x different SS's -- Though I noted that this worked, I have not done this for more than a few minutes.... But I noticed that same camera was then connected to two different NAS's.. Has anyone done this for a long time? 1 camera to 2 SS's on 2 different NAS's?

Obviously this burns 2 different Licenses for same camera on 2x NAS's SS.... So my cost might just be another license..
I guess this could be do-able, though I'd then have 4x cameras on one DS CAM Login, and 3x cameras on other 2..... I don't think DS Cam provides automatic Camera Multi-Views between dis-similar Logins, just one display selection for all logins.... Have upload bandwidth to support 4 cams, though it might be slow on LTE data.... which would prevent using 4 cams on all.....

Would appreciate your history and comments on this... Using 2 licenses on same camera on Multiple SS's on Multiple NAS's for long term connections. Thank You!!
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Oh My!
In the same sentence Support says one camera can be connected to 2 SS NAS’s, but not recommended.

I can stick my fingers in an ac socket, but that isn’t recommended, either…. !!
But I wouldn’t suggest to someone to do, or not do, that — in same sentence without clarifying myself.

So I asked yet again…. Yes it can, or, No — it shouldn’t be done???

Aha! A good answer arrived! Cliff Notes:
My idea is one of those things that sounds do-able, and will work, to a certain extent, but be very prone to data collisions.

Gonna re-read CMS info and then probably drop the whole idea. (Know when to quit!)

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