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I have set up a share on my DS220+ and i run the DLNA/UPNP media server on it. I can play music on my multi room speakers by selecting from their app (selecting single songs or playlists). The problem is that I cannot figure out the path to the songs. I would like to (using python) add a song to play on the speakers without using their app.

I have tried to create custom playlist, giving the path from the shared folder and down to the file to play. I.e. 'folder/subfolder/song.mp3' and it works fine, but when I try to use an API (unofficial) to set the song to play (http://speakerIpAddress/httpapi.asp?command=setPlayerCmd:play:<URI>) I cannot get the URI right. Have tried with and without full path '/volume1/storage/....' and 'folder/subfolder/song.mp3' and in the playlist etc etc. But I cannot get the speaker to find the song/file.

So probably a very basic question:"How can I build a URI to a song/file"?

Regards Johan

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