File Indexing - All file types will not index

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File Indexing - All file types will not index

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Have this issue and found a number of posts about it in various forums, but none of the suggestions pan out.

Basically, I have created a few shares, but only media files will index. For example, I have one share that is reserved for office-type files and anything non-media. Nothing will index. When I search for a file via Win 10, they don't appear, even though I'm looking right at the file at the root.

I have gone to Universal Search settings and it shows that the share is indexed, yet when I search via Win 10 File Explorer, nothing comes up. When I search for media files on other user-drives devoted to media, they appear with no issue. Win 10 Folder Options are not set to exclude. When I go to Win 10 Indexing Options, the NAS drives do not even appear so I can add them to the indexed there. I would appear that Win 10 is using the index on the NAS for searching, but I can't get that to index all files.

I have a DS218play running DSM 7.0-41890.

All suggestions welcome and appreciated.


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