File level backup from NAS 1 to NAS 2 without removing deleted files

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File level backup from NAS 1 to NAS 2 without removing deleted files

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We have 2 NAS's.
NASDS-1817 and NASDS-1819 at 2 separate locations.
I would like to find a solution to the implement the below
  • Have a file level backup which syncs a folder from NASDS-1819 to NASDS-1817 and generate email alerts if the sync fails
  • Only sync new files in NASDS-1819.
  • Do no delete files on NASDS-1817 when a file(s) get removed/deleted from NASDS-1819
[Steps to Reproduce]
I have tried hyper-backup which is an image based solution. Since the folder which i am trying to backup already has images, this solution is not suitable for me.
Shared Folder Sync is also not suitable as it removes files from the destination if they are removed from the source.
Please remind that a sync is not a backup. I know even Synology mixes up in terminology.
if a sync is needed synology offers shared folder sync, cloud sync and synology drive.
best to look at these and see if on of these fits your application.
Agreed. But even still, i am not able to do a file level sync from one nas to the other without removing deleted files from host nas.
Have you checked cloud sync synchronisation settings?
There are 4 settings, I think there is a possibility To do this.

My experience is that it will create a mess, if you need to re-create your cloud sync, (and one day you will), all deleted files will be downloaded back into your main nas.

A hyper backup with some versioning is a true backup and a much better way to keep deleted files.
I found an applicaiton named 'cloud sync' but this is not what i need as it syncs files to the cloud. My aim is to sync files from one nas to the other nas.

I was initially using Hyper backup, but the data which is being backed up is images, and since hyper backup is image based i cant have images of images which is why i want a file level sync.

I tried Synology drive share sync, installed it on both host and client NAS., Getting stuck on the 'No shared folders available to sync'.
ok, i can try cloud Sync.

Shared fodler sync syncs deleted files from server to client, which is not what i requrie.

I finally setup Synology drive share sync for a test folder. It was syncing allright, as soon as i deleted the file from server, i removed from the client as well. Again not useful

The reason i dont want the sync deleted files is that these files are backups of an exsiting server. If server NAS gets hacked and all files are deleted, then they are synced across and all files in the the server NAS get deleted as well.
You are right. THen Is there a backup solution which is not image based like hyper backp?
Not sure what you mean with image based.
HB is not image based, but file (or sector) based, but it does compress into an unreadable format, because it has to take care for possibly multiple versions.
Most backup programs I know do work like that (acronis, veam, paragon).
If you do not want this, I can only recommend the cloud based backups like idrive, that create versions in some other way.
Hyper backup keeps files in a hbk file. this needs to be mounted on a NAS to retried the data. My data is backups files (images, if you may) from other programs which again need to be mounted. I was using hyper backup before, and had to go through mounting files twice which is a pain.
I am looking for a backup which does it on file level (like how snapshot replication, shared folder sync, synology drive share sync work) where i dont have any images (hbk's), but have files instead. This way i can mount the NAS drive on a PC and make do with the files that are trasnferred.
The main disadvantage with file sync is that it seems to sync deleted files from the host, which is something i am looking to avoid.
Maybe other users can help, I cannot as the combination of features you are looking for is non existing in my world.
Last shot from my en: you might try to use the btrfs snapshot functionality from one nas to the other. It requires both nas to use BTRFS obviously.
I am looking for a backup which does it on file level
You can use HyperBackup with rsync (single-file) option. Last one on the bottom left in this image.

Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 10.18.09.png

With this, you will have the backup method that will result in a file/folder structure on the destination side, without the need to use HB proprietary format or tools.

Ofc you will not have all the benefits that @EAZ1964 mentioned, but I guess you are going for those anyway.
I was able to do the backup using hyper backup rsync copy. The setting i was looking at was

Will this over over a different network, i.e if i have the destination server in another location with a different WAN IP ?

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