File Space issues for synced folders

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File Space issues for synced folders

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So I'm running engineering analysis simulations on Solidworks software. I am saving the sims to a local drive folder that is synced to my NAS via Drive. I have done this setup for about a year without issue, but lately have been getting a warning from Solidworks saying that the drive is full and it cannot write the results to the folder. I have plenty of space on both my local drive and my NAS for the sim.

I tried moving the home folder for the sim to a local drive folder that is not synced with the NAS, and it wrote the file without any problems. This is leading me to wonder if there is a setting I don't remember for my NAS folders that limits folder size even though I have plenty of space on both the NAS physical drive and on the NAS volumes. I've looked through both the storage manager and the file station without any luck.


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Or a maximum number of files in Drive? Just a thought as I fly by.

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