File System Check doesn't solve ''File System Error''

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File System Check doesn't solve ''File System Error''

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Hello all,

I own a Synology DS1621+ with 6 HDD of 6TB each and running DSM 7.2-64570 Update 3
I faced few days ago an issue with one of the HDD that crashed after years of operations. As in SHR Raid configuration (1 drive fault tolerance), I replaced with new disk and repaired the volume; bad luck again, the new HDD had unfortunately many bad sectors generating few alarms from the system.
I replaced again with new disk and all is now running properly... except this file system error that is reported.


As per the message that is displayed, I run a file system check but unfortunately, it doesn't solve anything at all.
What to do?
As per the message in the window, it is recommended to back up my data and remove the volume before creating a new one.
I would like to avoid such radical solution and request your kind suport and expertise to advise me expecting something can be fix rather than reinstalling everything (that may also cause new issues...)
Thanks for your support

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