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Recently one of my hard drives crashed and I got the dreaded flashing blue light. I replaced the drive with a new one and after 36 hours, it completed the upgrade but I'm still getting warnings and it keeps asking me to go to Storage Manager and repair it as soon as possible. I've done this twice and after it completes, I still get this:


All the drives show healthy and I seem to be in a loop. Takes 18 hours to do a system check and when it's all done, it asks me to do it all over again.The Action tab does not allow me to Repair only configured as they are all greyed out. I've read that I may have to create a New Volume but I am not sure how to do that and not lose data. At this point, I'm not even sure which drive is giving me the error but it was Drive 1 that was replaced. The logs point to a 'file system error on Volume [1]

I've used Synology NAS's for over 6 years and still don't really know what I'm doing as I'm pretty much a 'set it and forget it' guy.

I appreciate any help you can share with me. Thanks in advance. I know there are still plenty questions I need to answer.
You didn't by any change rotate the drives in the process? Like bay2 drive into drive1 or something like that? Best to open a ticket with Syno for this. Let them have a look into this, and don't mess with the drives until they have a look.

If repair did not help, might be a problem with the DSM partition in general. So, reinstall of DSM could fix this, but again, best to get this in writing from Syno support. Also, backup what you feel needs backing up.
Thanks for the uber fast reply. No, I didn't mix the bays up. 2-4 were 8 TB drives and 1 was the oldest drive, a 6 TB so I simply replaced it with the same sizes drive.
I'm sure it'll take forever for Synology to get back to me but I'll give that a try.

Thanks again.

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