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I have a DS215j running DSM 6.2.4-25556 update 3 with a BT Smarthub 6 router.

I have an LG smart TV connected to my router, and it connects to my NAS ok. When I run the LG photos & video app and try to load a video, it connects to the video and sub-directories ok - but then only shows the message 'No photo files or folders exist in storage device' (see attached photo) - when clearly the files and folders are there.

I have another LG TV and that works ok, as does my iPhone and also a Toshiba TV. I've tried resetting the Device List in media server / DMA Compatibility - but that didn't work.

Any ideas anyone?
Many thanks

Thanks.. I tried rebooting media server and adjusting SSDP value.. rebooted the NAS but still the same. The TV is on the same LAN.

This could be an issue with the TV, so I'll try resetting it as soon as I'm able.. will post back with an update once I've tried.
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