Finding gid and uid of user

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Finding gid and uid of user

So - one of the things I love most about the synology is its docker support - I'm now running heaps of different docker containers.

But every time I run into the same problem - I want to run the container as particular user, but I have to specify the gid and uid.
Whcih normally ends up with me sshing into the box and doing lots of commands like id -u darren, then id -G darren etc

Is there anyway from inside the synology ui to see what the uid and gid are for particular users? or has anyone made a friendly little app that does that and I can just install?
or do I need to do it myself?
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You could create a scheduled task but don't enable it. Then script want you want and have the output sent to a file in you admin account's home folder. Something like this to read the password file and print out each user and their uid and gid on separate lines.

cat /etc/passwd | awk -F : '{print $1"\n\tu: "$3"\n\tg: "$4}' > /volume1/homes/ADMIN/user_uid_gid.txt

Run as your ADMIN user as and when you want a new list. File Station can open text files.

You could do something similar to get the full user membership of groups. Even add it to the same task.

cat /etc/group | awk -F : '{print $1"\n\tg: "$3"\n\tu: "$4}' > /volume1/homes/ADMIN/group_gid_users.txt

It's a useful question and one I've had to resort to SSH to answer in the past.

Here is the user-defined script that I've created to create the two text files in my admin's home folder.
  • In General Settings select your admin user (not root).
  • Edit the script value of USER_HOME to use the volume used by User Home (volume1 is usual unless you have changed it).
  • Edit the script value of MY_USER to be the short name of your admin user.


cat /etc/passwd | awk -F : '{print $1"\n\tu: "$3"\n\tg: "$4}' > "/${USER_HOME}/homes/${MY_USER}/user_uid_gid.txt"
cat /etc/group | awk -F : '{print $1"\n\tg: "$3"\n\tu: "$4}' > "/${USER_HOME}/homes/${MY_USER}/group_gid_users.txt"

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