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Firefox connection problems

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Hi folks,
since couple of last major versions of Firefox, currently ver. 82.x, (used as my primary browser) I experience a problem where after some time any new connection to my Synology, weather to DSM login, PHPmyAdmin, any Docker, WordPress web on it will result in almost endless (1-2 minutes) connection timeout, and after that it again will work normally. Needless to say it is very annoying.
The same problem is not experienced in Chrome or Safari.
All connections are https, and I have HSTS in place and also (wildcard) Let's Encrypt TLS certificate.

Anyone having same experience? Any idea what it could be, and how to solve it?

Regards, Shanti
I'm using Firefox for years and I'm still very happy with it. Works fine with my DSM, PHPMyAdmin, WordPress and other stuff I have running in Docker or DSM apps.

2 differences(?) is that I currently do not have HSTS enabled and I'm using a seperate NGINX docker container for reverse proxy'ing.

I'm staying away from Chromium based browses for as long as I can.

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