Firewall Exception to Eliminate "User Privilege Gain" Alerts from VoIP

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Firewall Exception to Eliminate "User Privilege Gain" Alerts from VoIP

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I've enacted all the Security recommendations both from the Advisor and from general good practices for the 2600, and have been trying to eliminate as many False Alerts as possible being sent to my In Box.

I found my ObI VOIP was the source of Alerts every time I picked up the phone.

I thought by creating a Rule in Network Center> Security> Firewall of the Source IP and the Destination IP and Destination Port "ALL" as found in the Network Event that these would cease.

The Alerts continue and its apparent I've missed something (as usual) here...

Suggestions on properly setting this are appreciated....

Firewall exception.jpg
Thank you Frebert for the response... After creating the one entry I began having difficulty with our OBI VoIP.... Phone calls to and from our Number would strip the Voice out, but it would ring!

When the VoIP is used, I get these two simultaneously....:

Threat event 1.jpg

Event 2.jpg

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