DSM 7.0 Firewall rule disabled after active connection to app and hyperbackup

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DSM 7.0 Firewall rule disabled after active connection to app and hyperbackup

Hey all,

I am posting this thread here because it is a complication from several apps that makes this occur:

I recently upgrade to DSM 7 on my DS916+ and find myself now with a problem with existing hyperback jobs, while I didn't have this behavior prior to DSM 7.

When I use the AudioStation app via the webbrowser; https://site:custom port from remote sites, and the hyperback job to back up AudioStation runs, AudioStation stops playing (this is expected because it is indicated in the hyperbackup job). After the backup finishes it is started again, but it is not reachable anymore from remote sites. I found that the rule to allow the custom port on all interfaces has been disabled.

I know for sure this was not a problem in DSM 6.x and when I look at the logs, prior DSM 6.x, there was no mentioning of any apps being stopped at all, after the update I see these apps are being stopped and started in the log

Audiostation configuration:
  • Uses a custom port set in the login portal, say 12345 (https)
Firewall NAS configuration:
  • Allow 12345 for my country in all interfaces
  • Runs at 13:00 to backup some apps including AudioStation

Has anyone else experienced this?

Best regards,

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