Firewall rules for Docker subnets?

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Firewall rules for Docker subnets?


I am trying to utilize the firewall on my ds918+ to limit access to ports on my synology to static ranges within 192.168 and have run into an issue were in order to get my docker containers to play nice with each other I have had to unblock their subnets completely (IP 172.17 and 172.18). I'm not sure if I am more worried about the docker containers than the various IOT devices and printers that are plugged in but I certainly do not need them to have access to management and ssh. All of my containers are in the 32400-32600 range, anybody have a ruleset that works for this, or a thought as to how this could be happening? I did try unblocking port ranges but never did find a group or combination of ports that worked.



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