Firewall rules to prevent hacking attempts

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Firewall rules to prevent hacking attempts

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Hi All,
I've got a ds218+ setup running Plex/Sab/Sonarr/Radarr in Docker, in the last week I've had someone trying to access DSM using the default admin account. This will not work as the admin account is disabled, however it's annoying as I can see them trying this pretty frequently so I'm looking at ways to block them.

I've changed the default port for DSM, which appears to have made no difference.

I've tried setting up Firewall rules based on a few guides I've seen, however when I enable the firewall rules I've created, it blocks Sab/Sonarr/Radarr as well, clearly I'm doing something wrong but I'm not 100% sure what at this point, so any help would be Greatly appreciated!

I've got the below setup as custom firewall rules as things stand and the "LAN" section under interfaces drop down has the deny access radio button ticked.

Apologies if this has already been covered, I did search and try a few things that have been suggested elsewhere but nothing I've tried so far has made any difference.
Turns out it was a firewall rule to allow the docker network subnet that was missing, so the NAS was unable to resolve DNS. Added the subnet from the Docker network config and it works like a charm - hacking tosser blocked, Docker containers working.
Not sure how those other docker rules help. Did you test them?
I have now yea, seems like it was the docker network element that was the issue and these don't offer anything so I've disabled them.

Probably more my lack of understanding on how these things work, Haven't done much work with firewalls before so still learning.

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