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What I do

My name is Jan and I work with big multinational corporations in Telco, Utility and Insurance, helping them make their operations better. Not as they’ve always done, differently and better. Behind this phrase lies the research of gaps and understanding of problems through data science; that’s what I do. I look at data from the base point of view as the objective. Too often I encounter inappropriate interpretation of data that leads to incorrect conclusions. Therefore, here too, I often use a series of questions to clearly define the problem.

In 2017 I founded my own business. Of course, smaller than the above mentioned companies, but free. Without loans, without dependencies from report-driven watchmen, free from any ailment for the corporations. I work for them as a supplier of new ideas, based on a success fee – very different approach from a standard consultant company. Then I strictly choose what deal to go for and with whom (customers/partners side). One of my current time investments is this Synoforum.com.

Pict -1: Prediction of Economy model for Electricity consumption units based on Electricity consumption behavior
Prediction of Economy model for Electricity consumption units based on Electricity consumption behavior

Pict -2: Internet consumers behavioral research
Internet consumers behavioral research

Pict -3: Effect of Blood test attributes relationships - Prediction of specific diagnosis
Effect of Blood test attributes relation - Prediction of specific diagnosis

My background

The foundation of my IT education comes from microelectronics (development and production of electronic components of microscopic or smaller sizes = basic parts for everything - CPUs,…). But that was a really long time ago (end of ’80) and since then, everything has changed, not just from the perspective of scale. I like IT as a hobby, but I wouldn’t call myself an IT guy.

Nor I am a mathematician, but I do like mathematics. I am not a programmer, but I have an understanding of algorithms because I grew up in times when Fortran and Cobol were common tools for the 0/1 communication. Fortran was better for easy numerical computation with the main advantage of interpreted language and was easy to learn, it was also an easy way for me to step into the Pyton environment. I’m not a professional IT administrator but I have a lot of experience from small Local network environments to High-end scalable storages and servers based on AIX. I’m not an economist, but I understand economic principles. What I really don’t like are economy “wizards”, who frequently hide faults using “creative accounting” and then showcase them as great successes (e.g. quarterly evaluation of big companies hidden by the business of their distributors). For me, the basic principle is: Cash is a fact, profit is an opinion. I’m not a Greenpeace guy, but I understand that the emission “mess” is a significant denominator on our comfortable lives. You can find some of my other personal ideas/opinions in this forum as well.

Facts, facts, facts

Of course, sometimes I’m wrong. I always welcome an evidence-based discussion about different points of view. I don’t like statements such as “because I think so” because a pragmatic debate needs more than shots in the dark. It’s common in a flat (on edge) debate – which is OK, but not when you need to find a solution. Finally, I’m driven by basic thinking about all problems in general. Because if you can find a way to break down a complex problem into several smaller granulated parts, you can decide what is important and what isn’t. Pareto rule 80/20 applies everywhere.


Why do I support Synoforum.com (membership, threads, answers, etc.)? Because here I see a different approach compared to other similar sites: humanity. People here help one-another for no other reason than to help. Oh, and the good manners around here help too! Based on the current data, I can see significant potential for this young forum to “grow up”.

Call for action

Some of you have your own blog sites or use shared blog services. Great! Now here is an opportunity to test your skills as a blog writer for a wider audience. With discussions and feedback on top. It takes a lot of patience, because building and audience from nothing and being recognized by Google is very difficult. I have seen firsthand how long it took my older son to get nearly 8M views on his YT channel. Still not comparable to PewDiePie though 😊. Btw, if you have your own YT channels don’t hesitate to contact me for collaboration with this forum.

What Remains Here

The more important question (not just for these days) is – What Remains Here?

My answer is: a brilliant space of knowledge sharing in a world where almost everything is paid. Our ideas or recommendations written here for others, based on the simple principle of people helping other people. Sometimes we need to “pay back” our tax to the society. And this way, the only cost is your time.

Don’t hesitate to flourish when you learn something new. Write it here!

That was my story what yours?
I read this and found a lot of myself in what you wrote--capable in many fields although not one of the 'experts' in any and can see through the flaws of certain 'best practices' and 'norms' that have been commonplace. I really like your consulting revenue model based on the success--ultra-rare in times like these and completely fascinating how it works.

Anyways, just dropping a line for a great little read.

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