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[email protected] project in your NAS

That's because I'm cheating ... it's running on my computer's GPU, not my NAS :p
So, a tip - I've found that sometimes refreshing the browser to see the dashboard progress results in a view of the dashboard that is misleading - can make it look like you're waiting for a new job and nothing is going on, when in fact the new job is well underway. Clearing the browser cache will yield the correct information. For me, this has been happening with Chrome...not sure it also affects Safari, etc.
I'm home again and still can't see the Fold-at-home status page. I must be missing something obvious, like there isn't a status page on the container?

I assume I can use the following:

<router ip><port>


you can try NAS_IP:32785 and see if you get the web interface
Are there only 4 of us folding for team Synoforum ?
you can try NAS_IP:32785 and see if you get the web interface

Well that worked. :)

I could have sworn I tried that last night and no-go, but either I typo'd, or I must not have tried it. Thanks!

Off to join our team.
Have you all registered for an ID ?
@Shadow , I see you've been folding for LTT, OC.co.uk, OC.com, ASUS ROG, Guru3D, PCMR ... interesting 😏
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Not sure what that means. I signed up and added myself to the Synoforums team, but don't see myself on the list yet.


Once you click Get a Passkey, you will get to a page where it asks for a username and an email address
Once you recieve the passkey in the mail, you add it to your identity in the app and voila!
This is here to make sure that the work you've done is associated to a unique ID.
More details here : Passkey – [email protected]
I think I saw shadow in multiple teams because everyone call Shadow was considered as the same "person"
You'll appear when you've uploaded your first completed task.

Thanks. Got my passkey and added that. Waiting for a task to finish so I can become real boy, not just a wooden puppet. ;-)

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