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Hi, I changed my admin account log-in name from admin to something else a little while ago, as prompted by synology in my notifications.
Problem is I forgot to record that name somewhere. I tried twice this morning to log in, then left it. Is there a maximum number of log-in attempts I can try before being locked out? If so, how many? Any other suggestions?
Here is why I recommend having a "spare" admin login (w/o 2FA), which is never used apart from "emergencies" such as this.
A password keeper is what keeps me sane. Every time I make a change like that, it goes directly into my ewallet. The few times I thought I would put it in later was met with regret.
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>>A password keeper is what keeps me sane

Although there are many keeper apps, I use 1password to store all my usernames, passwords, except bank* logins, and password-related notes. Although I only have the iOS version, I can access the info on both our iPhones and iPad and I almost always have my mobile close to hand. When I create a new account, whether on iOS or Windows Firefox, it goes straight into 1Password as I have lost too many sticky notes, etc. or simply forgotten over the years.

The other important point, for me, is that others, e.g. my wife and daughter, have a central point for access should I become 'incapacitated'. Most of the passwords are not really all that important, but utilities, NAS access, emails, Apple ID, to give a few examples, are possibly important.

* not storing bank info is not against my wife or daughter accessing it, but the banks insist that you do not write your password down or share it. They must think that we have incredible memories... If someone got into my iPhone and then 1Password followed by emptying my account, the banks would deny all responsibility. So I have to remember 1£$UnM7&*_-#~klPu (or something non-similar)
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Telos: >>Keyboard it. Why would it matter?

Of course you keyboard it; the point is that you are not supposed to keep a written record of it, e.g. in the back of your diary (who uses actual diaries these days?) that someone could read and then use to get into your bank account.
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you are not supposed to keep a written record of it
So why can't you use your 1password program?

I use 1password to store all my usernames, passwords, except bank* logins, and password-related notes.

That is why password programs exist. Excluding banking logins seems over the top. Perhaps a more secure approach is to close banking web access accounts altogether if you are worried over this.
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Telos: >>So why can't you use your 1password program?

Of course you can, if you want to, although I actually use my fingerprint through their app on iOS with 2FA or type in the password in Windows Firefox. (I found out a few days ago that you can once again access and print out all your logins and passwords in Firefox - and very simply.)

What I was really referring to was the Ts&Cs of my bank. If the account is drained by some third party, then they may well point out, or try their hardest to point out, that it was all my fault. It was their Ts&Cs that said that it must not be written down anywhere - which I saw as somewhat ludicrous considering the mixture of letters/ numbers/ characters/...
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