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Info Fortnite goes dark

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It’s reported that some gamers might go out of their homes now, see the sun and meet some real people :)

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this kind of universe is out of my interest. I like technologies, also VR capabilities, but I don’t have games in my computers or phone. Strange for masses, but still alive.
this kind of universe is out of my interest. I like technologies, also VR capabilities, but I don’t have games in my computers or phone. Strange for masses, but still alive.
I’m not into it too. I’ve posted joking that some now might have a life until the next release, when the new season comes online and they go back to their basements.

What’s alarming (IMHO), is that there’s a growing number of gamers who are addicted to the point that if they’re not participating in a game, they’re watching live streams on services like Twitch.
The intellectual capability of the new generation –not all of course– is declining rapidly with this addiction :(

It’s becoming increasingly rare to see someone holding a book on public transit these days. Most are playing games on their mobile phones.
today’s game industry is about gambling, through in-app purchasing (micro transactions) opens pandora box.

In beginning of this year I prepared a data consumption study for my customer (as part of the big screen), when during single February week gamers throughput from Steam to Czech republic IPs has been about 1,5PB! And it increases y/y more than DD.
And what was more interesting - these people (big part) with low salaries spend all of their earned money to purchase new GPU, super computers, monitors, ... and their life is splitting to daily needful work and rest of for game-life. No vacations, no break. No interest about our part of dimension. Maybe they are happy, and we don’t understand such level of life.
yeap, Orson S. Card will praise your point of view.
In this planet we have lot of such amazing places, I can’t imagine to spend a life in just untouchable reality, where your adventure is dependent from just electrical energy or internet connection existence, otherwise they will jump from a window. Strange vision.
Bristol giant tides, strawberry fields in Norway fiords, perfect food in every Tuscany village or unknown craft beer taste (for @WST16 - a mineral water), of course more than 1000 islands in Croatia of @Rusty land. Forgive me for all the countries natural treasures, but @SynoMan hasn’t enough disk space for this list :cool: .
Cheers gents, glad to be with you!
Looks like uncle upgraded. He can cover all the Pokémons on the planet now 😂

BTW, the uncle happens to be in Taiwan where our Synology come from. Maybe this is his way of dealing with more than 100 ballistic missiles aimed at his small island :(

I wish him health and prosperity and I hope he catches all the Pokémons, now that he’s upped the ante with this marvelous upgrade :)

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