Info Forum upgrade (SEP 2020)

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Info Forum upgrade (SEP 2020)

Dear forum members and guests! has been upgraded to the latest forum software and has gained some new features:

Thread types
  • discussions (that was the main type till now)
  • questions (for questions and support - thread starter or a staff member can mark certain post inside question thread as a solution, other users can upvote or downvote answers, etc. With this type available we are changing the current system with Mark as solved button. Please use question forum type and mark the post as a solution instead. Note: staff members can change threads to any type)
  • suggestions (special thread type for suggestions with a nice voting system)
  • articles (this type is mostly for news and feeds or staff posts like this one. Maybe you'll see an option to post an article in the future for regular members too)

Other improvements and features
  • new rich text editor
  • alerts have improved in the dropdown menu (you can mark them as read or unread)
  • support for GIFs with a simple editor button and search
  • media gallery gained some visual changes (especially when you click on a single media)
  • ...

Hope you'll like new additions.

For any support about the forum functions, please open a new thread here: Feedback

Thank you.
Would suggest upvote or no-vote. Downvotes are simply mean. Otherwise set a clear, criteria for downvotes.

My experience is that downvotes break forum unity. If a post is completely horrid, it should be removed. Your ball, your call.

Posted here as the feedback link (opened in new tab) didn't show feedback button/link/form. Maybe I missed that, or perhaps that's intentional :LOL:
Support for GIF is added. Check the editor for GIF button.

Jack Nicholson Reaction GIF
Currently, there is no workaround for that and I understand the issue.

I suggest using the [ICODE]domain:port[/ICODE]. Just hit this button in editor:

Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 12.13.19.png

After submitting the post you get this:


I would encourage all users to use ICODE or CODE tag for any syntax.

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