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Info Free macOS media player: IINA


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I saw reference to IINA in an online article discussing media files and playbacking using free apps such as VLC [all normal so far] and IINA [what?? never heard of it]. So this is a Mac-only app based on mpv and written using Apple's Swift. If you're going to google it use 'mac iina' as 'iina' can lead elsewhere. Also, if someone knows what 'IINA' is an abbreviation of can they please let me know as it's driving me potty.

Binaries are available here IINA - The modern media player for macOS or build yourself from GitHub iina/iina

Have been using for around a week and I'm preferring IINA to VLC as a media player, though it lacks some of the network playback. One thing I much prefer is the Inspector window splitting info for video and audio tracks: I often want to know the audio rates and in VLC you have to disable the video track so that just the audio track data is playing.
I ignored your advice and all I got was links to the media player.
Maybe I was searching for IINA abbreviation but I don't think either of these quite get close to a media player IINA - Definition by AcronymFinder

I only rarely watch content outside Plex
Downstairs is 100% streamed media (except for vinyl obvs); In my little study/office I'll use whatever's convenient. If I'm manipulating audio or video files then it's Mac apps as they provide codec and sampling info. And I may get swept up in the music so leave it playing :)

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