Info Gamers: No need worry about speed of NAS storage

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Info Gamers: No need worry about speed of NAS storage

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This test was performed with my son's Steam portfolio and his own DS718+
Tested all heavy impact eaters as Metro, ...

Transfer of tested games from the internal disk to NAS will take quite long time. You now, lot of small files in the transfer can kill performance.
There was a main goal - test of time spending between Load the game and Game main menu page, then from last saved session to ready to play.

10-21 seconds difference in total between internal PC disk and NAS source.

no need worry about heavy time impact, when you will use the NAS as source of your game, instead of internal disk(s)
RAID1 will save your time, when you lose single disk = no need download all the games again (50GB in average per heavy game)
this isn't backup, this just will save your time

ofc, from my point of view, real Syno NAS is starting from their Plus series and 2x LAN, what is a peanut in comparison with Gamer's HW costs.
Also valid for the networking cost.

NAS background:
2x 6TB Seagate IronWolf Pro ST6000NE000
RAID1 pool
Aggregated 2x 1Gbps

i9-9900K 8C/16T, Z390, 32GB RAM, Aggregated 2x 1Gbps onboard adapter from 1x Samsung 980Pro M.2 PCIe for OS, 1x Samsung 860Evo for Apps, ....

E2E pure Unifi, Dynamic aggregation between PC and NAS
I have been running Starcraft, warcraft, wow, and diablo games for years off a NAS as well. No problem at all.

Also with sparse image that holds the Steam content, again no problem at all.

SSDs array makes a difference, but not something noticeable in game just as you said, load time.

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