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Anyone know how to edit the text location provided against the image latitude/longitude coordinates. I have several photos where the general area is correct but could be fine-tuned a little more. For example "Smithtown" and "Smithtown Junction" are both listed against one photo. I would like to delete one of them or in some cases, rename them.
Thats possible through an EXIF editor. Search for any editor or compare those by and select one.
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Thanks Saqr but not quite meeting the need! EXIF editors such as EXIF Pilot allows latitude/longitude values to be added or modified in the EXIF data for a photo but in Synology Photo these coordinates have been converted to a text string. I want to edit this text string.
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Try have a look at ExifTool - it can modify a lot of EXIF tags. If needed, combine it with a scripted call to reverse geocoding lookup service, and you may even be able to automate some of the updates. ExifTool is available on Windows, as well as a Perl based package (at least for DSM 6.x)
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Thanks Ragnarok
Please refer to my last response. Synology Photos is assigning text data to correspond with the Lat/Long coordinates from the photo. I would like to edit this text. From what I see, the text string is "close" but contains some additional place names so confusing and not very accurate. So where does the conversion of <lat/long> references to <location text description> originate and can it be edited?
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If you are asking how to GPS/location data edit in Synology Photos so it meets your requirement, I don't think it is possible. You can raise a feature request at Feature Inquiry | Synology Inc. .

Modifying location tags in general, regardless how Synology Photos uses it, will need a third party application. I use a combination of NX Studio, Affinity Photo, and GraphicConverter all on Mac. GC is my preference for a GUI app, though I have used ExifTool on the command line to modify other tags and filenames.
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