Getting bored of my DiskStation :(

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Getting bored of my DiskStation :(

DS923+ (16GB)
  1. RT6600ax
Operating system
  1. Windows
The hype was pretty big for DSM7. After a huge(?) delay it was finally available but it didn't have any killer features for me. "Photos" was a HUGE disappointment, I previously spent alot of time with Photostation but I have hardly touched my photos in months.. Why? Because all features are gone. I don't know what they did with all that development-time spent, reducing features?
I've tried quite a few alternatives but haven't liked any of them.
My DS918+ is now mainly a Plex-server with filestorage (with a few minor exceptions) and I'm getting a bit bored. DSM7 was a disappointment aswell. Well it looks nice but didn't gave me any real killerfeatures I can't live without.
Haven't seen any interesting Synology news for along time (most news are focused on business anyway).
What do you guys think about Synologys stuff released the latest few years? I'm bored actually. Perhaps it's just me..

Can I reinstall my NAS to DSM6? Is it possible even with loosing all data?
What do you guys think about Synologys stuff released the latest few years?
I hear you. Syno atm is a state of pushing a bit more towards business as you said and trying to stabilize their platform(s).

I know for a fact that on the 3rd of Dec there will be a Synology event called "2022 and beyond" focusing on SRM and DSM features as well as surveillance (don't have info on any networking hw coming out, but it might).

Personally, it works for me to not have major changes every year, but dsm7 has done some under the hood changes that will (or should) pay off in the long run as they said. So I guess we wait and see, or, move to a new platform.
I completely want to wipe the system and start over..
Once you update to a new version any "wipes" will still put your into that version if your try to reinstall. If you try and use the lower version you will get error that you are on a more updated version.

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