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Question Good bittorrent client?

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Question Good bittorrent client?

I like transmission myself I just starting using it way better then Download Station
In Fact I am going to remove download station once it done it last few Jobs I have it running
More options with Transmission
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Could someone make screenshots of the docker settings for deluge? I mean the settings from the volume, port and environment tab.
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Tried once again installing ruTorrent with Docker.. Got it running but
1) How do I password protect it?? It's no login or anything.
2) I can't get the autowatch folder to automatically download torrent files I put in that folder.
Docker can't be installed on my Nas
Cheapest point of entry is DS216+ (or DS216+II) if you can find a 2nd hand one. Of current models it's the DS218+, or manual install on a DS418play. Otherwise look to install Docker on a different hardware platform.
Still there's guesswork for a newbie? The required configuration of volume /downloads/ and /config) are mentioned nowhere for us newbies. :)
So how do I make this Deluge connectable?
I've configured a port in preferences/network (incoming port) and put a rule for that in my router but I still gets unconnectable problems.
Good to have you with us @oRBIT!

I would recommend rutorrent for example as well as deluge. Run them in Docker. They work like a charm. Deluge has lots of options and custom script features. I'm a Usenet user myself but have had some experience with these two.
docker is amazing but the only problem is you cant access it externally outside local network
docker is amazing but the only problem is you cant access it externally outside local network

I don't understand what you mean by this. From outside your local network, you can log into the DSM UI and do whatever you want with Docker. And, you can access the UI of containers running on Docker from outside the LAN as well, with port forwarding or reverse proxy. I suspect I must be misunderstanding your post somehow.

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