NAS Compares Good News – The Synology DS220+NAS is Released and In Stock

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NAS Compares Good News – The Synology DS220+NAS is Released and In Stock

Why You SHOULD Buy the Synology DS220+ NAS

Synology is a good brand, with DSM (their software, applications and GUI) and the DS220+ brings a lot of functionality for home and business users. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider buying the DS220+ NAS in 2020.

The Synology DS220+NAS full review can be found here

1. The Price of the DS220+ NAS

If you are considering an affordable Synology NAS that can perform pretty much all of the current expectations of a network-attached storage device in 2020, then it is genuinely hard to find a better-priced example of this right now than the DS220+. Although by no means the most powerful NAS in Synology’ product portfolio, the DS220+ is pretty much the lowest price you are ever going to need to pay to have a device that can support everything from Plex Media Server, to surveillance, to VMs and ultimately to create a multi-tiered backup device for your home or business needs. Likewise, the DS220+ is not the lowest price NAS available from Synology right now but every device in a lower price bracket (J series or Standard) features compromise in one way or another. The price of the Synology DS220+ NAS has managed to remain parallel to that of its predecessor released 3 years before, yet significantly more powerful.

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