Google Migration: Unable to find the server at

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Google Migration: Unable to find the server at

I am trying to migrate my Google gSuite/Workspce gmail over to my server, however I am getting the following error when trying to "Check" my "User List"

<22>Feb 8 21:19:56 DiskStation offline-imap imaplib2 v2.57 (bundled), Python v2.7.18, OpenSSL 1.1.1l 24 Aug 2021
<19>Feb 8 21:20:16 DiskStation offline-imap Your private key file may be invalid.
<19>Feb 8 21:20:16 DiskStation offline-imap Encounter error when test Account user->joebloe
<19>Feb 8 21:20:16 DiskStation offline-imap Unable to find the server at

I've followed the instructions exactly to enable all APIs, generate ID and json key and grant all roles.
Since the first error has to do with it not finding the server, could it be something with that or an API change?

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Yes. In a mail client log into both accounts then move from one to the other.

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