blackvoid Grafana dashboards and upcoming v7.0

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blackvoid Grafana dashboards and upcoming v7.0

Grafana dashboards and upcoming v7.0

Almost a year ago I wrote on how to setup Grafana via Docker on your Synology NAS using a popular GIT configuration (Grafana + InfluxDB + Telegraf). In that same article I haven’t posted any pictures or dashboards that I use daily.

Many things have changed in the past year regarding my Grafana usage but for the most part I use custom defined dashboards that show what matters to me most at any given time.

True, some dashboards that people use require a lot of time and effort to setup, certain steps that might include multiple sources, multiple variables and in the end they get an awesome looking dash.

For me, in the future, I can imagine that this will be less needed if Synology DSM 7 Active Insight feature will work as intended. But, for now, here are just several dashboards that I personally use to monitor my multi NAS configuration.

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