User introduction Greetiongs from Europe...

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User introduction Greetiongs from Europe...

Hi All
A new user here... Discovered you via blackvoid a few months ago and now it must be time to sign up!
I live in that fairly dodgy political creation that is the EU, accepting the reality that must be the future!
Looking forward to making your virtual acquaintance over the coming period...
Oooooooh... Took some hunting but I finally found those Rules. "Thou shalt not"s in plentiful supply... I will have to become an entirely different person here! I'm not even allowed to poke fun at the Americans, Frogs or Rosbifs?? I have all three in my family so it is so very easy...
I shall try and be a Good, Upstanding Syno citizen.

(After insulting a good portion of the population, I guess it's not a good time to be asking a question asking for help really... But I'll try my luck shortly.)

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