HA/DR using Snapshot Replication - what about applications, users, settings, etc.?

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HA/DR using Snapshot Replication - what about applications, users, settings, etc.?

As I read @Shadow's respons on the official Synology forum including his reference to this forum, I decided to come over here as well.
The Snapshop and Replication thread is rather empty though, let's change that ;-).

Here a copy of my Synology forum question.



upfront apologies, been trying to search for an answer to my question(s) on this forum, but either I do not understand its search and/or structure, or this question has not been answered ;-).
Additional spoiler: rather newbie to Synology, but in the process of going all in.

So, I was wondering, I have my DS918+ running Cloud Sync for Dropbox and OneDrive, Docker with some local running services in it, Drive Server, Photo Station, Plex Media Server and probably some other apps in the future (VPN Server, Surveillance, ...). So quiete some apps all with their or configuration.
I have a handfull of users (let's say 8).

Idea is - in terms of HA and DR - to Snapshot Replication my DS918+ (and I mean *everything* on it) to a DS718+ in combination with a DS918+ Hyper Backup to C2 (again backing up *everything*).

As such, the DS718+ serves as a "hot standy", not as in a HA pair, but as in a failover DS. It is the destination of the Snapshot Replication, so it can do Failover. Great.
But what about my users, ACL's, applications and there specific settings, databases, etc on the DS918+? Hyper Backup has the possiblity to backup apps, users, settings, etc. as well, but I seem to miss this on the Snapshot Replication functionality.

What am I missing?

Or do I need to do a Hyper Backup apps, users, settings, etc. restore on the DS718+ when my DS918+ goes up in smoke, in combination with a Snapshot Replication failover?

Feedback greatly appreciated.

Hyper Backup for apps. Then remains the system.

Can Hyper Backup do a “system” backup, or is this done via “Control Panel”, “Update and Restore”, “Configuration Backup”.

I assume the latter, the question is the: is this type of backup achievable via task scheduling or will this always be a manual aspect?
How important is it to schedule without overlaps? Will my Hyper Backup start all tasks at the same time if configured like that, or does he do the one after the other, and not starting a second one before the current one is stopped?

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