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HA kubernetes cluster and Nginx

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Hello all, I’m trying to setup my first RKE2 HA cluster but I’m having some difficulties to join the other nodes.
I manage to spin the first node and correctly set the config yaml as:

While the config.yaml for second and third is setup this way:

Token: xxxx
Server: kubecluster.my domain.com:9345
In my network I have and Nginx load balancer running with Nginx Proxy Manager and Pi-hole is working as Local DNS. When trying to join the second and third node the rke2 script hit the load balancer ip ( and fails to join. Certificates are loaded on my Nginx Proxy Manager. Can you please help me to understand if there's additional configuration I should add to NGINX to let the others two nodes join the first?
Thanks 🙏
I miss info about establishing API 6443 listener, what is one from two prerequisites for RKE2 through LB
Yeah, same for 6443 but first explicit error is about “kubecluster.mydomain.com:9345 access denied” when you first setup and you need to join the other nodes.
Given that I believe I managed to find the fix. Indeed there was something needed in NPM to pass that traffic.
I had to set in NPM streams section the port hit by the request and the forward IP and port to send that request. Guess what… 😁 it magically worked.

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