HA setup but how to get ride of shr2

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HA setup but how to get ride of shr2

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Hi all,

I would like to setup Sha but shr volume are not supported.

Do you know the best method to migrate from shr2 to raid5 or raid ?

Thanks a lot for your advices.
Well, I thought that assistant migration would help me. I have a lot of shared encrypted folders and also a lot of Dockers app.

Is it worth it to have Sha ? Will I loose something going from shr to raid ?
Will I loose something going from shr to raid ?
If you mean can you switch from SHR to RAID without data loss, then no, you can't.

Will you get any benefits? Well, HA scenario is one of them, that's why you are doing this? Also, some higher-end models do not support SHR, so RAID is the way to go in that case (if you decide to migrate one day).

I have a lot of shared encrypted folders and also a lot of Dockers app.
As I said before you will have to backup your data and config and start fresh, no way around it.
SHA provides resilience in hardware against one chassis having some failure. If you cannot afford the downtime to rebuild a NAS from backups then SHA has it's place for you.

It would be advisable to also have resilient infrastructure too, e.g. switches and routers, or at least cold standby if you are on-site during critical hours. If the NAS serves a global workforce then you, or someone, will have to be on-site, or close to it, 24x7.

Moving from SHR-2 to RAID 5: the difference is fairly obvious in that you go from two disk redundancy to one. But this requires a rebuild. Migration Assistant has some restrictions between the source and target which may or may not be applicable for you, e.g. src/dst volumes have to be same. The alternative is restore from Hyper Backup. You will still have to hand migrate Docker amongst other things.

Here is the information on which RAID types Synology can migrate and to what: SHR to RAID n isn't included in this.

You probably would benefit from taking a piece of paper and making a list of pros and cons and see which setup (as-is; SHA; a.n.other) best meets the business requirements with acceptable risks.
Thanks a lot for your help.
What about preparing the new NAS with RAID5 or 6 volume. Then create all my shared folders and restore all my data. Install all the packages that I'm using configure them as it was on the source NAS. Once the target NAS is ready, stop the source, and restart the target NAS with the IP and hostname of the source. Then I can scratch the volume of the source and create my RAID volume and setup SHA.

I never had experience with Active Backup restore, is there anything to know ? Can I use it to restore it to another NAS (the second one) ?
Never had to do it, but that certainly would be what I would be looking to do. You can then get the new NAS setup and tested to be exactly how you want and like the original NAS... in DSM 6 at least there are enough settings that Hyper Backup omits plus some packages. Haven't used MA since when I moved DS218+ to DS1520+ I wanted a new btrfs volume and MA would have insisted on creating ext4 (like on the DS218+).

So side-by-side browser windows for NAS-1 and NAS-2 will let you get the new setup right. But you'll have to read up on adding the old NAS as SHA backup. Best starting point, unless someone can add better, would be

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