User introduction Happy I found you!

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User introduction Happy I found you!

Hi everyone! :)đź‘‹

Long time Synology user here, I started with a 1010+ many moons ago, added an 1817+ about 4 years ago and a 920+ just recently.

Sadly I had gradually become complacent with the 1817 and wasn't paying enough attention - it just worked so I pretty much ignored it. Then about 3 months ago its only volume crashed taking more than 15TBs of my long accumulated (25 years) stuff along with it... almost. Even though the shares were gone and the volume had crashed, I could still see all the folders and files in file station.

After a few weeks of crying into my pillow I finally decided I needed a plan. Plan-A was to slowly copy everything to a second NAS, but my aging 1010+ wasn't up to the task, so plan-B saw me buying a new 920+ a couple of weeks ago along with with 4 x 8TB IronWolf drives, intending to transfer everything across to it.

At first my network copy speed was about 11mb/s meaning I'd still be going long after Elon had settled Mars - so I needed to learn a lot more about this tech that I'd been taking for granted for over a decade.

Long story short(er) - I learned how to achieve an average copy speed of between 80 and 100mb/s across the network and finished copying everything across - safe and sound just a few days ago.

After that it was time to rebuild the 1817+ after replacing two bad drives, then copy everything back to it, so that I never have just a single copy of my data again. I started that process yesterday.

In recent weeks I've learned that DSM7 is an incredible piece of kit, offering so much more than I could ever need. But for now my plan-C is that once I've successfully duplicated all my content on both NASs, I'll set the 1817 to be the main workhorse, then configure automated folder syncing between the 1817 and the 920 to keep everything current on both of them. It's not an ideal solution but I suspect that trying to safeguard my content using Hyper Backup or other methods I'm not yet familiar with might be stretch given the size of the data involved - or maybe not, and that's one of the things I'm here to try and figure out.

Apologies for my sorry tale, however given my earlier predicament, I've learned more about operating a Synology NAS (correctly) in the last few weeks than I'd bothered to do over the previous 11 years!

In recent months I've been living on YouTube searching for answers, and whilst it's been incredibly helpful, it's not the ideal platform for questions and answers, and having stumbled across this very smart forum earlier today I figured it should become my first destination from now on.

Thanks for having me...
Mike :)

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