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hard drive replace or let fail

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I hope I'm in the right forum. I have a hard drive that at random times makes a grinding noise. am not sure which drive it is at it doesn't last long enough to pull the drive to see if the noise stops, "maybe 6 seconds," tops. It may even be the usb attached drive I use for hyper backup. Since I laid it on it's side it hasn't occurred as much.

I just purchased a replacement drive in case. I've run iron wolf and extended smart tests prior and post noise as drive 3 had a 199 Ultra_DMA_CRC_Error_ count of 1. Which may have been caused by the plug getting pulled.

I'm backed up via hyper drive to an external and C2 storage. Am wondering if it's ok to just let it go until the CRC's start going up, "on drive 3," as I'm not sure which drive it is and don't want to make things worse by pulling drives. TIA
You didn't provide detail as to how your storage is configured. so....If drive 3 is truly the culprit, I would shut down the NAS, remove the drive, attach to a PC or MAC and run Seatools diagnostic on it to see what it reports. reinstall the drive and power up the NAS when done. Once you've confirmed what drive it is, replace the drive (obviously).

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