Having a hard time installing Mastodon with Reverse Proxy

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Having a hard time installing Mastodon with Reverse Proxy

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I'm following this guide regarding installing Mastodon and accessing it via reverse proxy - How to Install Mastodon on Your Synology NAS

I have done everything as instructed. I have my domain of https://domain.synology.me/ and have made my wildcard certificates for it.

I have created the reverse proxy https://mastodon.domain.synology.me/


I have forwarded my ports on my router


When trying to access it I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED When I just paste mastodon.domain.synology.me into the browser it redirects me to the main DMS login page.

Am I missing something? It looks like everything should be working
Why don't you ask Marius, as it is his page you are using? He's quite responsive.
That is my first reaction too. You are following his guide so that should be your first port of call.

It's not clear when you just try mastodon.domain.synology.me if this is trying HTTP or HTTPS: you have created a HTTPS reverse proxy rule. If you haven't installed Web Station then ports 80 and 443 will default to direct to the DSM portal.

Have you confirmed that direst HTTPS access to TCP 8562 works?

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