HD and raid type for 920+

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HD and raid type for 920+

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Upgrading my 220J with 1 WD Red 12TB to a 920+
Plan is to buy 3 WD 4tb Red Plus and build a SHR-1 or RAID5 array, this would be for 2 users documents, photos, videos and movies (about 6tb)
After migrating data to the 920+ install the 12TB and use for Surveillance having no more than 6 cameras.

interested in any advice on hard drives, RAID and format type. Any problems you see or opportunities to improve the set up.

Thank You in advance.
SHR-1 gives you the 1 disk parity of RAID 5 and the flexibility of adding larger drives to an array. look it up. This is an important consideration when you look at expanding the array in the future.
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Thanks Coop, I did look it all up just wanted someone with more experience than me to look it over. I will move forward with SHR-1.
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