Heat from CalDigit Connect 10G - Thunderbolt 3 to 10Gb Ethernet Adapter

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Heat from CalDigit Connect 10G - Thunderbolt 3 to 10Gb Ethernet Adapter

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Does anyone have any experience of these adapters. They seem to be what I need to get my iMac to work optimally with my 1621+ NAS. There seem to be a good many reports of them overheating and/or failing. Advice would be appreciated and really helpful. Thanks
I have a Sonnet TB3 / 10GbE on my M1 Mac mini and it was used with an MBP before that. It must have been ticking along for 3 years by now with zero issues. Same for the TB2 version that I also own but due to the limited TB2 power it caps at around 7GbE. Everything network related is mounted in a 19" rack that resides in a cupboard, so the ambient temperature is reasonably warm.

I did avoid the CalDigit model due to overheating concerns.
Hi Robbie and thanks for continuing to help. I fitted the 10GbE this morning when I was connecting up the UPS and all that seems good. Now I've just ordered the Sonnet. Next on my list a nether with 210GbE ports.

Your help has been fantastic - very many thanks.

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