[Help] Accurate key for encrypted folders not working

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[Help] Accurate key for encrypted folders not working

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(please let me know if this needs to be posted to another channel...seems closest spot)

Keys for encrypted disks not accepted,

• Moved digital life (medical, finance docs etc) to Synology DS220+ in June 2021. Sensitive files stored using encrypted folders.
• Hit early snag where keys were not working...confident I knew them & spiraled...all the way to recreating folders from scratch.
• From that experience, I wrote down the key to one folders against better judgement.... point being I have 1 key in writing.
• 3 encrypted folders, keys not working for 2 of the 3 folders. 1 working folder is an older backup of folder not opening...same key.
• 1 encrypted folder stays open most times. 1opened as needed (few times a year.)

• Back to a spot where I am trying versions upon versions of keys, more out of desperation and it a downward spiral wasting time.
• Given 1 key is fully documented & typing it generates an error, it puts a pit in my stomach thinking corruption.
• Given 1 folder mounts just fine w/the same password generates that same pit in the stomach of corruption.
• Snapshots are on, have not yet explored....and hard to say when this issue happened when nas isn't rebooted that often.
• DSM 7.0-41890 (recent update available and concerned about updating until folders mount as expected, so no changes there.)

• Synology has been rebooted a few times over the last six months, never and issue even when encrypted folders were mounted.
• Discovered this problem recently because there was a reboot, needed to remount the folder...and bam...Invalid key error.
• Is it possible one can create a key using characters then not accepted when mounting folder? Doubt this is the case when one folder mounts fine, same password....me reaching for reasons.


1) we need a way to mount encrypted folders from DS finder app - like add control panel to the DSM Mobile
2) maybe capitalize F in DS Finder
2) there appears to be no way to dismiss the second popup from DS Finder > Control Panel > Share Folder > (select share) > Encryption > Mount > (enter key) > PopUp reading "Invalid key. lease enter or import a valid key for decryption." > OK button.

When you are having password issues and trying to get through this, this second popup appears inaccessible from the keyboard requiring switching to a mouse to click each and every time. How are accessibility technologies like Jaws handling the popup?
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Sorry to hear. This happened once before to me. Neither saved password not key file could unlock the folder. Out of disgust, I deleted the folder, and vowed never again to use Synology's encryption. Good luck.
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Turned out I did have a key...so at least not quite as tragic....and..yes...stll disgusted as this was pretty much a core purpose to this synology investment and workflows.
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