Help needed choosing second NAS for surveillance station

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Help needed choosing second NAS for surveillance station


I need your help with some decision making: I am currently using a Sinology DS220+ with two two Seagate IronWolf disc for backup and file storage, everything works fine and I am totally happy with my choice. I am now planning to add some IP cameras to our house (5-7 total) (some 24/7 recording), and can't really decide which option is best for using the surveillance station (Note: I have two WD purple already sitting here from a friend who didn't finish his project, so I would like to use them):

Option A) Buy a separate DVA1622. I don't need the extra AI it comes with (or at least I am currently not planning using it), but like that it already has already the surveillance station licenses onboard that I need; for backup, storage continue using the DS220+

Option B) Like option A), but buy a cheaper NAS (e.g. another DS220+, or newer DS223 and add the license packages

Option C) Buy a DS423+ and use with 2x IronWolf for backup/ storage, and 2x WD purple for surveillance station (+buy licenses), and sell DS220+ used. Advantages I see, eventually less energy consumption as only one device, only one device to manage, etc.; on the downside I see the migration effort.

Any other options I am missing?

In advance, thank you for your help and time!


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I faced same issues years ago... 215J was too weak to do anything but jpeg pic ftp transfers from (at the time 8 cameras, only 2 via SS).... 6.2 slowed system so SS could only do 1 SS Camera...

I gave away 215J, added 2x NAS: 718+ and couple months later, 720+ .... 718+ does 3x SS, and 13 cameras ftp Pics (Mot Det) from cameras. (added 2nd 720+ as 3rd NAS (experimental NAS)... a year later)

So with 13 cameras:
12 in operation, 1 configured, but in draweer as a spare. (Spread out inside and outside 2 separate buildings)
of 12, 7 are POE. 7 are physically outside in the elements... (One on a 250' armored, buried CAT6 cable to POE inserter for the 100Mb Camera)
13 configured to do MOT Detect and ftp pics to one NAS 718+
13 timed script files running nightly to limit pics to 45 days old, except when Spider's do Perpetual motion captures, limiting folder size, custom, per camera.
7 on SS across 3x NAS each set for 45 days, then delete
Shared folder Sync have ALL Pics and ALL SS Videos be available on ALL NAS's.... for redundancy.
NAS's are all in different locations, each as SHR, for security & redundancy.
All NAS's and all but 3 cameras are on UPS's.... Everything on Whole House Generator.... So UPS only need to work for ~30 Seconds!
Been running this way without any scheduled maintenance in various configurations for 4+ years... In Present configuration, with no scheduled maintenance, for 3 years...

Each of the NAS's are also used for different storage plans, for two user groups, one NAS for each User group, with the two main units being redundant copies of the other... and each NAS has a Sata SSD via Esata enclosure for important redundant storage as well.....

Each NAS has pleenty of Horsepower to add more SS Licenses.... I see me adding one more SS license at some time.... but with Mot Det ftp pictures of all cameras being also saved, the 'need' for all cameras to save Video is not as important, it is just an added benifit!
But, don’t forget to secure your cameras!
Here they are NOT configured for remote access, and are blocked in firewall, too. Access to cameras via LAN or remotely via SS or Synology Apps!
Any other options I am missing?
In your particular case, if you have no need for DeepLearning elements that DVA device would offer, go with option B. Another separate unit will be a better option unlike option C (having a single unit for all operations). You will not save your budget in terms of power with a single 423 vs 2x 220+ or 220+223.


I will offer my experience as another alternative...

I too have a 220+ and currently running 2 HikVision Acusense cameras: One is 4mp. the other 8mp (4k). In my case, I wanted the "smart" events for:
  • "human" line-crossing and
  • "human" intrusion detection reduce false-positive motion events. Eventually, I will have 5-7 cameras as I build out the system.

I found that adding an edge recording micro SD card in each camera and having all programming performed on-camera through its web interface (not in Surveillance Station) that all the AI calculations and event determinations are done on the camera (not Surveillance Station). Each camera is registered in Surveillance Station, but all the heavy lifting AI calculations are done on the cameras.

It is only when the camera detects a 'camera-programmed' event that video is uploaded to my 220+ and pushes notification to the mobile DS Cam app. In this way, I get the AI functionality without unnecessary NAS CPU load or file space.

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