User introduction Hi All!

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User introduction Hi All!

Long time Synology user but, still a novice. I found this sight searching for an answer to a recent problem that I created myself while trying to button up things getting ready for an upgrade. So far, this site looks to be light years better than the “official” forum. Anyway, I started out with a ds1511+ way back in early 2011. Turned that into a full backup for an 1815+ after five years of biting my SHR2 nails LOL. I am now looking to turn the 1815 into a full btrfs backup to a ds1821+(?). I am mostly a home user backing up my documents, photos, videos, streaming my DVD, BR, UHD rips, personal cloud and ten IP camera recordings. I use a ds713+ for business. I look forward to learning from you guys and gals and as a poster stated below me, I would like to step up my game and become more of an expert user. Thanks!

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