User introduction Hi gang! A NetGear ReadyNas refugee!

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User introduction Hi gang! A NetGear ReadyNas refugee!

My first and only NAS' (up until last week) have been NetGear ReadyNas models. They're difficult to use, hard to configure and Netgear has the worst support of any company on planet earth. Crappy while under warranty, and you have to pay for almost non-existent once out of warranty.

One of my ReadyNAS 212s dropped dead, so I started reading, researching and looking around. Synology kept rising to the top with good software and helpful tech support and an active Community of users. (QNAP was the other one)

I turned on my DS220+ last week, and so far installing it and setting it up has been a walk in the part compared to NetGear.

My quick impression of the Synology is the hardware and construction may not be cutting edge, but the software and features -- WOW! Very polished, very responsive and very user friendly.

I was able to set up backups for my Wife's computer on the LAN and my work computer through FTP within about an hour. I'm looking at other packages now.

My old Netgear used DLNA to stream videos/movies to my BluRay player, so setting that up will be my next task.

1) You can teach an "old dog" new tricks
2) I wish I'd have gotten a Synology NAS the first time, in 2009 (assuming they were around back then).
3) I'm replacing my other two NetGear ReadyNas' with Synology Nas', but I might wait for new models, I'm reading maybe out this summer?

Take care, folks,

-- Cain
Welcome! Good to have you with us. 220+ is a great machine and I’m sure it will keep on running for years to come.

Regarding x22 models in that form factor. By the looks of it we might not get any this year, but we could get some announcements.

This is a very active forum so as soon as there will be any info (even unverified) it will be a subject in these topics for sure.

Welcome again!

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