Hide SurveillanceStation log from users

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Hide SurveillanceStation log from users

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Hello, everyone,
I have now searched and tried everything; Unfortunately I didn't find a solution to this:
Basically, the log in the SurveillanceStation should not be visible to certain users.
I have already deactivated all "reasonable" rights for the user, so that the only option is to see the released cameras. However, messages from the other cameras (and the system) also appear in the log, which is located in the main menu, even if no rights exist for them. This allows conclusions to be drawn about the structure and thus about safety. It is of course not foreseeable whether the user will ever look at the logs; but conceivable. An external cleaning service provider should check whether no people are in a room when it is locked. Of course, the cleaning service should not know which other areas are being monitored.
Maybe someone knows a solution to this?
Thanks in advance!

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