high CPU usage

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high CPU usage

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any ideas what this is and why is using so much CPU?

Annotation 2020-07-19 133304.jpg
main reason, is that the NAS is, apparently, sitting idle yet the CPU usage is at 47%.
the screenshot shows the process using the most CPU (even though it's only 4.7%), i don't usually see that process sitting using that much.

sometimes i see two of those synosci processes using the same amount of CPU.
so you can't answer what the process is, or why it's using 4.7% CPU, so forgive me for asking, why did you even bother posting in the thread? you could have used your time better elsewhere, please feel free to do that.
@chenks Don't know what it is doing exactly, but it could be housekeeping tasks.

There are a bunch of similar named processes that I see. Sometimes I know it's thrashing from something I've forced to happen but the process named in Resource Monitor has little to tie it to what I know is happening.

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