DSM 7.0 High temperature warning

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DSM 7.0 High temperature warning

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Today, my message screen on ds620slim showed a System high temperature warning telling me to “increase fan speed or decrease environment temperature, the system will be shut down”

but the system was not shutdown, and the message cannot be found in the logs, nor can i find a temperature history.
there is no disk involved, and the system was basically doing nothing, when I entered the info screen, system temp was 43degr c, and green status, environment temperature was normal like 18degr C.
I am puzzled, it seems like a phantom / unfounded message to me, any thoughts ?
I had drive temperature issues before (SSD while scrubbing) and in that message it clearly stated which disk showed high T. I could also relate that T to scheduled actions. Not this time.
Also puzzled why there is no logging in the log files, just the message on the desktop Message screen.
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Good luck - one of mine:

Hello Rob,

Thank you for contacting Synology.

After reviewing your ticket I can see that you are currently using an unsupported device.

[SSD name, model and serial number]

At the time of writing this email, this device has either not been tested by our developers or was found to be incompatible.

Unfortunately we cannot provide a guarantee that this device will work with our units at this moment in time nor can we provide any technical support for issues which may result from using this device.

This unfortunately does mean that if the device was working in a previous version of DSM and is no longer working as a result of the update, we still cannot provide support for this because we have not confirmed it as compatible and have not guaranteed it’s use..

I’m afraid that at this time I can only advise to use a known compatible device that we have tested to ensure it works correctly and can be supported by us.

Please see the following link for our various compatibility lists which show different hardware, devices and products that our development team have tested and confirmed work with our devices: Compatibility List | Synology Inc..

I apologise that on this occasion we couldn’t assist you further but we are always looking to increase the number of devices that our range of NAS units can be compatible.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best Regards,

Technical Support

Such a joy to get the 'we have moved the goalposts, so buy something more profitable to us and in the meantime kiss any support goodbye' message.
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After uploading debug.dat, Syno support suspects the fan or the sensor to cause the issue.
They will ship a new fan to start with.
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follow my research here:
I would never send the entire debug.dat to somewhere, even to Synology.
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Try to resist their first attempt to get entire debug.dat, then you will get a request for specific file(s) from the debug.dat structure.
Check it for the any possible “danger” information contained.
Then you can send them the file(s).

They are just lazy to explain what they need or as was many times explained here - Syno support setup is prepared for simple user level only.
Unprofessional and dangerous service.
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