Question Hikvision NVRs or NVRs in general?

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Question Hikvision NVRs or NVRs in general?

my point was based on your idea: save cost for licenses vs investment to dedicated NVR

natively SS + cost of licenses over 2 cams connected
Unifi docker solution, license free for your cams
dedicated NVR = cost, ofc. there is more performance (needed?)

just for your consideration (more choices)
Aha, I see where you’re coming from now. Thank you :)

Actually what I’m contemplating is not to mainly save on the cost (although that would be nice), but to relieve the DS from this task with a dedicated NVR. Initially I was thinking of dedicating the 216+II solely for SS and getting the 920+ (or a 1019 if it’s upgraded) as the main DS. I’m still getting one or the other anyway, regardless– my wife will be completely perplexed (“hey, they all look the same, why do we need more!”) :)

I then started looking at Hikvision NVRs and to my surprise, an entry level model in the range can cost less than the extra two SS licenses I need!

I believe the Hikvision cameras are generally good. However, God forbid that you need customer support or you’re forced to use their camera management software. I’ve installed it twice on my iMac and deleted it twice. Tried what’s provided for iOS by them, and it’s the same, deleted. Maybe I was too impatient, maybe it’s partially me. But I can’t tolerate illogical and ugly software design.
This is what I’m dreading if I move to one of their NVRs.

Synology’s SS is simpler and more elegant. The DS Cam I’m using on the iPad is good, design wise and interface wise. And now that the latest SS update supports Hikvision’s smart events is making it even better.

So I’m reluctant to make the jump (to a dedicated NVR). That’s why I’m asking, to see if it’s worth it. Mainly performance wise :)

(short story long)
so, you have an excellent reason to buy new one 🤔, maybe two

No need :)

Here’s an update…
(on the off chance that anyone is following my ramblings) :)

After I woke up I connected to my VPN and hopelessly pinged the camera, knowing that I’ll be getting crickets. But lo and behold, replies were in GREEN. I started shouting, “67 IS BACK, 67 IS BACK” (IP address). My wife was puzzled. Didn’t even bother to ask, she just looked at me believing that I’ve completely lost it this time 🤣

Logged in to SS to check the logs. The camera was back online almost 4 hours after the firmware update! Wow! I think it went through a nervous breakdown after I hit it with the new one. Must’ve been very tough.

However, the new firmware is the bomb. It allowed me to do some things that weren’t possible before. Like changing the OSD date format to YYYY-MM-DD, and now I can see live view on my iPad if I login to the camera directly and on screens where I need to adjust triggers (smart events)! Wasn’t possible before, complained of a missing plug in. I’m hoping that it’ll fix some of the smart events anomalies too. Didn’t try restarting the camera, scared that it might take 4 hours.

All in all, the return of 67 was a good excuse to celebrate with a Snickers bar :)

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